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Animals: (A play) 3rd A & B

THE ANIMALS: 3rd A & B. (A PLAY) In our GEP Programme, one of the goals is practising and improving oral English. One way to do is by means of DRAMA!  The students in 3rd EP have performed a funny play: The animals.  They have enjoyed themselves a lot and learnt ENGLISH. They have practised their speaking. So, let's see…
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GEP PROGRAMME!!! TOP SPEAKERS! As every month we have the winners of "The English Mode On" activity. Speaking English is easy if you practise. Anyway, If you see them around, please, say congratulations to:Ramón Jorge Larroya: 2nd EPCheng Jie Guo: 4th EPLaia Torrell Castelló: 5th EPMariya Dyakun: 1st ESOCarla Zafra Valera: 4th ESO Well done!!!!
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